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Focus on textiles • Look for Dashan

Huizhou Dashan Textile Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing and trading. The production base is located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, in the golden zone of the Pearl River Delta, with a developed economy and convenient transportation.

The factory has specialized production heat transfer printing equipment, two paper output machines (10 colors), two printing machines, and ten digital printers. All raw materials are imported environmentally friendly inks. High-quality technical staff, high-quality production equipment, strict production management system, has its own stable customer base, guarantees the price advantage in the market, and provides customers with quality services.

The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "survive by quality and development by reputation", focusing on R&D and innovation, strictly controlling product quality, continuously improving service levels, integrating products and services into the market, and constantly creating value for customers. Currently, cooperative manufacturers include "esay walker", "kidsⅡ" and so on. The company has passed the Disney factory inspection and has authorized our company to become a Disney printing factory.

Clothing printing category: ready-to-wear printing, sportswear printing, swimsuits, swimming trunks, personalized T-shirts, cut pieces. Luggage, shoe and hat printing: handbags, shopping bags, shoe and hat material printing, etc. Home textile printing: pillows and car neck pillows, bedding, shower curtains, curtains, car seat printing, etc.

The main products that the company produces and sells throughout the year are: pongee, peach skin, Oxford cloth, memory cloth, plaid cloth, and non-woven cloth.

The factory can also provide creative design and image file production. As long as customers provide clear original document drawings, they can produce pre-production samples and provide customers with fast printing paper services, fast delivery speed and high efficiency. To

You are welcome to customize with drawings and samples. We always believe that customers are first, operate with integrity, and strive to establish long-term cooperative relations with customers to achieve a win-win result for the factory and customers.

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